* Preparation of curricula, syllabi, instructional material for Primary, Upper Primary, Secondary and alternative    systems of education.

* Development of evaluation procedures and material, which are helpful to the practicing teachers.

* Bridging gaps between the methods and techniques advocated in training and the actual classroom practices.

* Dissemination of knowledge relating to improved methods and techniques to be followed by educational    institutions.

* Co-ordination with national and international Organization In academic programs.

* Resource support to implement the Academic Policies laid down by the Government.

* Organization of orientation programs for the professional growth of teachers, teachers-educators, supervisor's    etc.

* Publication of journals, Periodicals, Books.

* To develope new courses in Teacher Education.

* To frame and revice curriculum of teacher Education courses periodically.

* To conduct teacher education courses to untrained teachers through distance mode.

* The different departments of SCERT have taken up activities to gear to the functions of the organization. The    functions of the various departments inthe recent past are detailed in the forth Coming page.