Programme Monitoring, Evaluation and Policy Perspective


The development of Evaluation undertakes the responsibility of bringing about Examination reforms in the state. It evolves the modalities related to all aspects of evaluation of various courses under School Education Department. The other responsibilities of the department in the field of School Education from time to time, evolution of the programmes taken up by SCERT, IASEs, CTEs and DIETs, development of new techniques and providing feed back to the department by evaluating the text books. It works in liaison with the commissioner for Government Examinations – Andhra Pradesh, NCERT, NUEPA, RIE, Mysore., While addressing the issues related to evolution.

Functions of the Department

  1. To bring about Examination Reforms and implement them in the school system of the state.
  2. To evolve modalities on evaluation for various subjects and courses.
  3. To orient the examiners and paper setters on the new evaluate techniques.
  4. To prepare model text materials for various examinations for the use of schools institutions.
  5. To evaluate the impact of the reforms brought in the examination system.
  6. To help the Board of Secondary Education in implementing the examination reforms.
  7. To prepare and publish brochures and bulletins for the use of teachers, examiners, paper setters and administration containing the concepts and techniques of evaluation and learning experiences.
  8. To prepare Question banks on all subjects for all classes.
  9. To review and evaluate the question papers of all school of classes VI to X including common and public examinations and also of the teacher training courses.
  10. To conduct in-depth investigation of the factors causing consistency good results in some schools and consistency poor results in some other schools as is evident from the board examinations.
  11. To analyze the performance of the teachers at primary and secondary level with special reference to evolution procedures.
  12. To develop a battery of tests for identifying the latent talent at elementary and secondary stage.
  13. To evaluate the programmes introduced by the Government in the field of education from time to time and also the programmes taken up by SCERT, IASEs, CTEs, DIETs.
  14. To evaluate textbooks and provide feed back on necessary changes.

Faculty members

  1. Sri. G. Rama Kishan , Professor
  2. Smt. M. Deepika , Lecturer