Social Sciences & Humanities

Social studies is one of the core subject in the school curriculum and plays a vital role in developing social wisdom among the individuals. It includes issues relating to physical and cultural components of man's environment and aims at producing enlightened citizens required of a democratic society. In this context the Department of Social Sciences Education & Humanities extends its support in strengthening social studies education in school system

Functions of the Department

1. Refining and reframing the environmental studies curriculum for primary level and social studies curriculum for     Upper primary and secondary school level.
2. Providing training to the social studies teachers and teacher educators to update their knowledge and improve     their professional skills.
3. Undertaking research in the areas of Social Science Education on the issues relating to social studies teachers.
4. Developing self learning materials on different concepts and new areas included in the social studies curriculum     for the use of social studies teachers and teacher educators.
5. Developing workbooks and question banks relating to Social Studies for the use of Students .
6. Organising Social Studies clubs for the professional development of social studies teachers.

Faculty members

  1. Smt.D. Vijaya Lakshmi , Lecturer