Teacher Education & Extension

There is a dire need to sustain quality of Teacher Education in order to ensure quality in School Education. To achieve this end, the teacher education programmes are to be revamped in the context of reforms brought out in school education from time to time. Further, a process of continuous systematic monitoring needs to be adopted to take care of the standards of Teacher Education in the state. Hence, the Department of Teachers Education is created.

The major functions of the department:

* Preparation, review and restructuring curricular frame work for Pre-Primary, Elementary and Language Pandit      Teacher Education courses.
* Monitoring and inspecting the Teacher Education Institutions in the State to appraise their status and       functioning.
* Assisting the Department of School Education in framing and preparing the Teacher Education policies and      plans.
* Providing training to the Teacher Educators to raise their instructional standards.
* Organising Orientation and Training Programmes to the field functionaries like MEOs, Head Masters connected      with School inspection and management.
* Organising Seminars, Conferences and Meetings for creating awareness of quality in Teacher Education.
* Developing instructional material for Teacher Educators.
* Coordinating and establishing links with the institutions like NCERT, NIEPA, NCTE, RIE, DPEP/SSA to promote      excellence in pre-service and in-service programmes.
* Under taking research studies concerning various issues in Teacher Education and other aspects of School      Education.

Faculty members

  1. Dr. Sk. Jeelani Basha, Professor
  2. Sri K. Krishna Mohan Rao, Professor
  3. Dr. K. Pandurangaswamy, Professor
  4. Dr.P. Revathi Reddy, Lecturer
  5. Dr. P. Anuradha Reddy , Lecturer
  6. Smt. K. Satya Priya , Lecturer
  7. Sri. A. Narender , Lecturer
  8. Smt. G. Madhavi , Lecturer
  9. Smt. P. Madhavi , SGC